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By Gavin | November 26, 2018

Today our first priority is customer service, so we'll talk about ways to sell rewards to the customer and complete transactions.

Before we get started, let's review the program Easy rewards offers customers 20 points per dollar on qualifying purchases and 10 points on every gallon every fuel grade, but remember cigarettes tobacco, alcohol money orders, lottery, and gift cards are excluded from receiving points. Once a customer has 2000 points, a two dollar reward will automatically be applied on their next purchase when their card is scanned. Everyone is also enrolled in frequency clubs, once a certain number of products have been purchased within each Club, a freebie or discount is given automatically. For example, once a person buys 10 coffees they will receive the 11th free on their next purchase, now that all about the program.

Let's talk about selling it, read your customer and their purchases to help find out what might be the biggest reason for them to sign up. These are some basic selling points, know them, and you can talk to anyone scan your card, now to start earning the point. It's easy to sign up online or in the circle-k app, we do not sell customers information earn points inside and fueling up $2 cash back reward more than 13 clubs for freebies, that was easy. Let's practice, "Hi Linda, you have a rewards card today, looks like you have a $2.00 reward and a free coffee today, Congrats! thank you." Linda had a $2.00 award and earned her free coffee since her purchase was less than the award, we owe her 91 cents, she also earned points on her purchase today. If a customer doesn't have a card, "Hi, how's it going today?" "Good here, your rewards card, what's that?" "It's a card that gives you free items like this coffee and M&Ms that you're buying you could earn points and get cash back. "Sure, sign me up." "I'll scan your cards and your own points today, but make sure you go online and fill out your registration or you can download the circle-k app, just make sure you fill out every field because you want to make sure that you get the reward, thank you."

Customers can keep track of their points and clubs by downloading the circle-k app, don't forget customers must fill out the registration completely to receive their rewards. Customers can also use their digital ID to scan for points, the extra of value printer receipt will show point and Club status, reminds the customer to take their receipt, if receipts or coupons are left please trash them quickly, you receive printed with your Club status and your points. Be sure to take that with you when you go.

If your words are not automatically coming off transaction or there's an issue with the equipment, be sure to report it to your store manager, occasionally customers will get bonus points, special offers or entries into sweepstakes by scanning their card, marketing will alert you of these events. Easy rewards do not discount fuel but remember it does give you 10 points for every gallon purchased.

Here's how first answer your easy rewards card to earn points, then insert your payment card to complete the transaction to summarize earn 20 points for every dollar spent with the exception of cigarettes tobacco, alcohol money orders, lottery and gift cards, earn 10 points for every gallon of fuel, receive random rewards and sweepstakes $2.00 cash reward for 2,000 points earned. Just remember those do not accumulate as they are automatically applied on the next purchase, refer to your registration card for those details.

Lastly, we hope you enjoy many of these benefits, two easy rewards are available to all customers including you, just be sure to review the policies with your store manager, this concludes our easy rewards training session.

We hope you enjoy sharing this program with our customers, we know they enjoy saving money, thank you for helping us, make it easy so customers can take it easy.